The importance of rest

centli allan garces
3 min readMar 1, 2022


This week was very busy. It happened that I got two job opportunities in data-related topics. Although this is something that excites me, it’s also something that I have put aside in these months to dedicate study time to topics related to backend and computer science, do not misunderstand me, I really enjoy learning in general but my first reaction when I found out that I would have a technical test, it was I need to start studying SQL and Python since I didn’t feel immersed in these topics and I wanted to recover the fluency with which I used to work before.

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So I began to study without hesitation, especially SQL since being a declarative language (meaning that you only tell it to do an action without caring about the method that the language uses to achieve the goal) I thought that it needed more of my attention, especially because I remember exercises where relational algebra and the syntax of this language are everything if you want to overcome them.
I did many exercises in hacker rank and the truth is that I hardly slept for dedicating time to this, it’s not necessary to say that fatigue and lack of sleep took a toll on my retention of information, it was at that moment when I realized that I was not learning correctly when I remembered that resting is part of the learning process since it allows what we do during the day to be fixed in our brain if you don’t sleep well this process will be defective, therefore your learning will have important errors.

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Fortunately, in the middle of the week I attended a concert so I was away from work for several hours, to my surprise, when I arrived cleared, happy and with a lot of energy I was able to solve a problem that I had been trying to solve for days, it was almost magical to see my errors with a clarity rarely experienced in the week, all thanks to resting correctly, that is why my greatest learning of this week, far from being relevant concepts of SQL and python (which I also had them) was that there are different ways to rest and that is as relevant as working.
Resting implies relaxing the mind and you can do this in various ways, whether it’s exercising, sleeping, drinking your favorite drink, eating something delicious or simply having fun.
I am very grateful to have had this re-discovery in the middle of the week since it allowed me to perform better in the technical test that I presented at the end of the week.
I would like to leave this week’s learning like this, with the message that working is important, but resting is too, and finding the best way to do it is also critical.



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